Psychedelic Death Country Blues from North Georgia

Andrea Colburn and her rotating cast of players sound like a panther screaming in the middle of the night.  Like a band of gypsies in a peyote fueled knife fight.  Like a carefully curated hullabaloo held in a Wild West funeral home.  Don't let her sweet smile and friendly demeanor fool you, she'll blow you a kiss and then scold you for looking. She'll take you down to the river for a candlelit serenade and then push you in.  And you'll love every minute.  

Colburn was born and raised in NW Ohio. After a difficult move to St. Louis, MO at 13, Andrea turned to music and poetry. Highly inspired by Bobbie Gentry and Led Zeppelin, Andrea wanted to learn to play guitar, so her mother bought her one as a gift at 14 years old. After life led her to Georgia in 2012, and she met all the right people, she started writing songs influenced by traditional country artists like Waylon, Willie, and Hank Sr. as well as new alt-country acts such as Shovels & Rope and the Deslondes. Colburn keeps somewhat of a traditional country and blues feel all while giving it her own eerie, sometimes psychedelic, and usually violent, spin.  There will be blood.


Colburn says of her songs “It’s no secret that a few boys have broken my heart over the years. I can’t really be too mad about it though, it kind of inspired most of my music. Might be why most of my lyrics talk about getting drunk and chasing them down to teach em a lesson. Or just getting drunk.  And I'll tell you what...they never learn.”

Her debut album, “Sad Songs & Switchblades”, recorded at the Green House Studios Atlanta (Marietta, GA), can be purchased at shows. Andrea (guitar, vocals, musical saw) is joined by a talented cast of players, including Hannah Wilder (fiddle), Alex Williamson (electric guitar), Adam Higgins (bass), and Zack Smith (drums).


 “…poke in the eye for Nashville Pop.”, and “Andrea Colburn has a strong country voice and is a very fine songwriter.  The world needs CDs like this to counterbalance the tedious Nash-Pop confections…

-Paul Riley (Country Music People UK)  ★★★★★

 In a time when studio trickery creates artificial perfection, this bare bones, sincere collection of tunes from the heart is as fresh as a sip of just-brewed moonshine.

-James Kelly (Creative Loafing)  ★★★★☆